Leírás: Leírás: Γράφημα απάντησης φορμών. Τίτλος ερωτήματος: Where are you from? . Αριθμός απαντήσεων: 46 απαντήσεις.

Leírás: Leírás: Γράφημα απάντησης φορμών. Τίτλος ερωτήματος: I was matched in a good way to a Hungarian/Greek/Dutch/French/Swedish peer . Αριθμός απαντήσεων: 46 απαντήσεις.


Leírás: Leírás: Γράφημα απάντησης φορμών. Τίτλος ερωτήματος: I like the assignments I had to work on during the exchange . Αριθμός απαντήσεων: 46 απαντήσεις.


I was inspired by this sustainable activity (for example: the food posters of Netherlands, the green bags of Sweden etc)


     The Greenpeace presentation

     I was inspired by the program we had with the greenpeace

     The green bags of sweden


     Not really

     The food posters of Netherlands

     the Greek mentality

     the green bags of Sweden

     Green bags of sweden

     the green bags of Sweden

     Greenpeace and their stories

     Yes, by Greenpeace mainly

     Green bags of Sweden

     Green peace

     Yes i was inspired

     Greek mentality

     The organization of Hungary

     The activities of Greenpeace.

     I don’t know about these things. But I really like the idea of green bags and food posters. They are a good way to start the change.

     The animals in the lab

     I was inspired by green peace

     We made banners

     The reusable bottles in Greece

     I was inspired by the Greenpeace speech

     Reusable bottles in The Netherlands

     green bags of Sweden

     Greenpeace presentation

     The water bottles from the Nethetlands

     Poster for climat manifestation


     The Greenpeace cardboards

     The bottles of Greece.

     Yeah of course I ve been

     For example Greenpeace.

     Absolutely. They encouraged us to do some really good stuff for our planet.

     Yes it was really nice


Tell why you were inspired by this activity

     Because i understood that if we all act together we can make a big change in tge world

     Because the all week was creative but it was the project when we were together and we had to work together


     We got to know how other countries think about eco activity and what they do to save the environment. This way we’ve learnt from each other.


     Because i want a better future for all the population in the world.

     They’re just amazing

     Because it's so simple and so effective

     I'd like to improve our world's sanitation

     Because they are not polluting the environment and helps saving our nature

     because they are not polluting the environment

     It was amazing how it has impact on a big part of the world

     Because they seemed energetic, creative and lively putting effort into saving the environment. I felt like they do it by heart and not because they have to.

     Reuse bags

     They presented the matter well, and they made it interesting and engaging

     It gave me great ideas


     Because it made me feel useful and able to make our planet a better place

     Because they protest with a clear message, but without causing much trouble.

     Because they learned us a lot and we could work together and come up with new ideas

     Because so many people are working towards it, and inviting greenpeace made everything more seriositet and fun

     It’s very good that we are this young, but could make a big change

     Because I want to be healthier

     Because it was fun and usefull

     It gives you more ideas, makes you more aware of what and how you can make a difference.

     Because we should think a bit diferrent and make our lifes better

     It was enjoyful

     Because now ,I’m thinking more about the environment

     It makes everything easier and reduces the use of plastic bottles

     It showed me that it doesn't matter if I can't do many things as an individual for the environment, I just have to do what I can.

     It shows that we don't have to buy plastic bottles all the time

     It can be really useful and really environmentally friendly.

     Because it was interesting and educating

     I find reducing the most plastic in our everyday life the most efficient way we can do for our environment.

     Because few days ago, I made a walk for the climate

     I find them useful.

     Inspired to form a group, to share different ideas and to work together

     This is a good opportunity to learn to languages and make a friendship.

     Cause we speak about a subject that nobody want to speak

     It was awesome.

     It is so amazing that student as young as that can do so many things to our planet and they are so aware of how to be environmentaly-frendly, how to save energy and so on.

     Because,I learned many things about the environment

     We gain a lot of new ideas



What did you learn about sustainability during this project? (name 3 facts)


     That we don't have to have so much waste, we must only buy the things that are necessary and i learned new ways to save energy

     Water is important, we should use bikes like the Netherlands people, you should use glass and not plastic, you have to make your own food without packigings

     Every school does something different


     Knew everything already

     Nothing new.

     you can use fabric bags, greenpeace is good, save water

     Nothing new. Just how it impacts other countries like the droughts in hungary

     It's important and we are keen to do it

     It is important

     It is important

     A new culture, new foods/drinks and people should all stand together to make a better environment possible

     That it's not enough to educate, we need to take action on our own and together with others as well.

     Ecology, Economy, reuse all products

     •climate changes •how to take action (lifestyle and what we can do together) •how serious this matter is

     We shouldn't waste water, drop litter and we have to save electricity

     Greenpeace is good

     It’s importanse Ways to improve it What I can do about it

     That every little thing helps, even though it doesn't seem like that

     - its more urgent then people think - what the consequences of global warming are in other countries - how to improve your own way of living (sustainability)

     That I can do things by changing my lifestyle, the best thing to do is efucate others and that a lot of people are striking and working towards a greener world

     -we should use less energy -

     I learn about environment, people bad habits

     Its important, every one can do a little thing for it, we have to have this in commun

     That everyone should try and help and that is dirás make a difference. We can do stuff like, recycling, walking or bicycling instead of car and try to educate people about it

     Being creative Cooperative Protect the environment

     Save energy Be kind to the environment Save water

     Save energy Be kind to the environment Save the water

     It should be talked about, the work of the greenpeace people, that small things in our life can make such a huge difference

     It's extremely important, we can all participate to this, the earth is in need of this.

     -We have to act -OUR task is to act -we have to act very fast

     We should change our lifestyles. We should try to reuse. We should eat less meat.

     To save water To save electricity

     We have to work together with others to maintain it A little amount of people can do much for it

     More about the organization green peace Think about the solutions the problems caused by global warming

     Save water, using fabric bags, whole Greenpeace thing

     *everybody can have an impact *people are really active all around the world *sustainability can be VERY FUN

     I should we talked the environmental protection and a greenpeace work.

     How to protest for it we can work together as alone for sustainable developement and that sustainable developement is not the only thing we can do

     Save water.

     To manage sustainablity we have to cooperate, we have to learn and we have to teach others what it is. We have to think globaly and act localy.

     Be cooperative, creative and protective to the environment

     Management, water saving and eco friendly projects



What you didn’t know about sustainability before?


     That it is much more important than we thaught


     There's a lot of place where there's no food or enough water and we should use more rain water.


     I don’t know

     I did know a lot already.

     It’s a way of love

     I don't know

     I didnt really know anything about it

     I didn't know anything about that

     I pretty much knew everything before already because I'm actually into this topic.

     Some about climate changes

     That the biggest problem right now is that we don't have enough drinking water in the world

     i knew everything

     I wasn’t aware of many things before

     Some consequences of global warming

     that a lot of people are engaged in the problem

     I didn’t know anything

     Economy ecology and social

     I had a general idea about it but now the picture of what it is and what to do is more clear

     How to protected the energy

     Nothing i know everything

     Nothing ,I know everything you

     That it is not difficult to make a change if we all work together on it

     I didn't know many of the ways someone can participate in the sustainability of the planet.

     For exemple the importance of right way to live.

     I didn’t know a few things.

     In my mlopinion most of these things are well knonw amoung youngsters who want to do for their environment.

     There is a big organization for the protection of the climate

     I learned more about environmental issues

     We changed the world a common work.

     That we can be sustainable and we can be economic at the same time

     I knew a lot of things about it but I had never ever thought that we need so much teamwork to achieve it.

     I knew much less things

     That it has to do with the way of our lives


 Leírás: Leírás: Γράφημα απάντησης φορμών. Τίτλος ερωτήματος: Will you make changes in your behavior based on this project? . Αριθμός απαντήσεων: 46 απαντήσεις.

     In which ways?



     I'l be more respomsible when buying things, i will go on foot or by bike if it is possible and won't use the car for little distances


     I will use more glass and not plastic I will use less water I will go by bike to school sometimes (25km)

     The most ways I can manage.


     i eill use fabric bags

     It's hard for me to make more of a change than I already have.

     Doing most of the things that were said on the presentations

     Travel by bike more

     I'm going to use my bike more incase

     More ways to be sustainable

     I'll try to volunteer at Greenpeace.

     Less plastic

     Probably think more about my consumption

     Maybe i should have talked more with the others

     in many ways

     Make my routine eco friendly

     Change my eating habits to a more environmental-friendly way

     Maybe inspire others to live more sustainability

     Bike more, har textile bags, turn of electricity, speak more open about it with friends

     Trying to use less water and plastic

     I eat less meat

     No because, i already do all i can do for it

     Try to be more environmental friendly and also to try and influence my family in the same direction

     How to protect the environment

     I will recycle

     Now I’m bad when I’m throwing my rubbish

     Talk about it more and start using public transport more and recycle more

     As an individual, I'll try to be a vegetable. As a part ofor a team, I'll try to organise a group of people that can help me with my ideas about sustainability.

     Be more environmentally friendly

     I become open-minded and I know more about our environment.

     I will try to do everything I could in my everyday life to help the environment.

     I will use less plastic

     Eating less meat

     I'll save water and energy.

     Being more responsible and more aware, as well as taking care of the environment

     I think so before.

     Be more active and participate to event


     I will try to save energy and I will try to teach my family and in the future my children how to be environmentaly friendly.

     More recycling

     More sustainable life


Give your reaction on this statement: "Environmental problems are a problem for all European citizens"


     I agree

     I agree. The enviroment problem might not be the same in the countries but i think all people around the world should care about our planet and make some effort to save it

     I absolutely agree with this. All we have to make our best because this is our future and we want to live our life like our grandparents

     It is the truth

     I totally agree with it.

     Yes they are, from pollution to rising sea levels everyone in Europe is affected by those problems.


     This is true

     It's a problem for the whole world

     It's truth and it's crucial to remember it

     They are because everyone has to do something to help our environment

     it's true

     Because it's so important for our future, because otherwise we won't have one.

     I highly agree, no matter where you live because pretty sure you live on planet Earth so one way or another it will effect you.

     It's real

     Whaaaaat (oh noooo!!!!

     This is so true

     not only for European people, also for the whole world

     I completely agree but not only Europeans everybody on this earth

     True, also for everyone in the world

     Very true, and it’s a problem that needs to be solved together

     I absolutely agree. Enviroental problems will affect our future life, and not just ours but our children and grandchildren.

     No for all the word

     I think that the statement is clear and true since everyone can and should help and make a difference

     We should think ways to protect the environment because its important for our lifes

     That’s true

     It is true, but it is a problem for the entire world

     Environment problems are a problem for every single person in this planet.

     It's true.

     Completely true

     I agree with this, because we are together and we have to solve our problem together.

     We are all involved, the global warming improve disasters and this increasing death

     Such a shame that there are 3 more continencts.

     Everyone has to act very fast to make things change and to leave a better world for generations to come

     Yes this is a common problem.

     That s false it s a problem for the world s citizens

     Because the sun is shining everywhere.

     It is problem not only of the europian people but it is global problem. Each people should be aware of what it is and each people should do something to protect the Earth.

     We must all be motivated and care more about the environment

     I totally agree



I have a compliment for the organization of this exchange (what should definitely be done next time?)


     I think when going to the capital city we could show more places because there were so many other important sights to see (we would have been able go because we spent so much free time at the castle in Buda that we didn't know where to go anymore because we have seen everything)

     More creativity (together, like Greenpeace's stuff)

     Maybe less time at the school

     I don’t have a compliment.

     It was okay

     Very nice, good work.

     A better sightseeing in the capital.

     The group activities where you met someone from every country. I like the cultural exchange

     Better arrangement of events, should have events free for hosts as well because it's hard to just pick up them when we are like 30 kms away etc...

     Everything should be more organised

     better organization for the programs

     The night we went dancing, it was amazing learning a new culture that way

     I like that the programmes weren't under pressure, they were easy going. Not stressful


     Better planned (more time for different activities)

     It would have been better if we could have known more things about the programm

     we need more time together, not only 4-5 days

     I thing everything was amazing

     The balance between doing fun things and serious things was quite good.

     I really liked the activities, but sometimes we had to wait for a long time

     We should get updated on what’s happening in the world, like how the environment has been affected singel last time. Maybe have a workshop where you try to improve something on the school you’re at.

     Cultural programs in the certain country.

     I want more time

     Like demonstration, find solution and do it.

     It was all really fun and nice and I learnt a lot so at the moment I don’t really have any suggestions for improvements or new ideas

     Let the children to do praty

     Let the students party

     Have more parties

     You could orginaze sustainable events more

     More events like the one Greenpeace did with the transparents.

     It was good to discuss the problems of the global warming, and it brought the team together

     i don’t know yet

     Everything was good.

     I think everything was alright.

     Great tripre it was warding , maybe more organization with the food and information

     There's nothing, everything was fine

     Do the exchange program in a warmer country :) Perfect!

     More common programs.

     No all right

     More free time.

     I think it was really good the way it was. I had a really good time as a host. I hope my student had a pretty good time with me as well. We triend to do our best.

     I don't know

     More organised program in general