Student Exchange Trip to Maassluis


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The Erasmus + team in the French highschool Jean-Baptiste Dumas of Alès is a group of students accompanied by a team of teachers. The objective of the team is to think and act for ecology and energy awareness on the highschool scale.

But the highschool is not alone ! This project led six students to the Netherlands, where they worked with other students from diferent European countries, like Sweden, Hungary, Greece, and of course the Netherlands.

In the city of Massluis, hosted by Dutch families, students saw a new country and enjoyed meeting new people, thinking together, searching for solutions.

And these students brought back the Green Eco Schools Flag, to show that the highschool is implicated in the ecological and energy problems ! And later this year, a new team of students will go to Greece to continue working with the other countries, representing our highschool.



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By Emilien Chouard