We're all brothers


Leírás: 61435428_2411936429078910_6807828514859909120_n.jpgThis school year was one of the best for me, and the reason was one:  My participation in Erasmus programme. Students from Sweden, France, Hungary, Netherlands and of course Greece, where my school is, had the opportunity to travel to another country and come in contact with each other.

This year students visit my school for one week. I hosted a Swedish girl, we became friends and had a great time. It was the best week in my life so far for many reasons. To begin with I learned a lot of stuff about the environment and ways which we can protect it. Furthermore, I learned a lot about other cultures and habbits moreover I tried to learn them the culture of Greece by the small things of our daily routine. In addiction, I made a lot of new friends who I really love and miss. One week was enough to teach us that no matter our age, language, habits or any differences between us, we are all teenagers with the same dreams and interests.

World and Europe need young people to be united for a better tomorrow and Erasmus programme really helped with this. I haven’t travel yet but I think it would be awesome. So, thank you Erasmus for the best experience in my life...

Marianna Salikopoulou, GREECE